Wednesday, 30 August 2017

#113 Top 7 books of summer '17

Autumn is so close and everybody is already talking about it but for today's post, I thought we'd try and hold to summer for a tiny bit longer so that I can share with you all my top 7 books (in no particular order) of summer 2017!

If Birds Fly Back, Carlie Sorosiak 

This book was simply pure joy from the first page to the last! Set in Miami, If Birds Fly Back follows Linny and Sebastian as they come to terms with themselves and their personal feelings!

I even got the chance to meet Carlie Sorosiak this summer!

Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna Kendrick 
This is the only non-fiction and in fact the only non-YA book in this list and that's Anna Kendrick's autobiography! This book felt very much like having a conversation with Anna, it was funny and sad and such a nice quick holiday read!

The Pearl Thief 
I think I've spoken about this book the most and it's simply because I loved it so much! Set in 1930s Scotland I feel like this book could be the perfect introduction to murder mystery novels with a mix of Gossip Girl-esque rich vs poor tropes - I urge everyone to read this book!

Freshers, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison  

So many people have been talking about Freshers and honestly rightly so! It's funny and realistic and heartwarming and everything you could want for a YA book aimed at the older end of the audience! I'm currently reading Lobsters by Tom and Lucy and it's yet another hilarious and heartwarming story!

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Jennifer E.Smith 
This book was by far the quickest read of the summer at just 215 pages but it was incredible! The book follows two teenagers who meet at an airport and spend a flight from America to England together. It was so adorable and left me wanting more of their story!

If You Could See Me Now, Keris Stainton 
Ahh Keris' first adult novel! I read this at the start of August but I'm still thinking about this gorgeous empowering and hilarious novel! I feel like I'll go on forever if I talk about this book so feel free to check out my full review here, but basically, it's incredible and you should go buy it!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Jenny Han 
I'm a bit late to this trilogy but I really enjoyed the first book, it's perfect if you're into your cute and fluffy YA! The book follows a Korean-American girl called Lara Jean, the awkward middle child who is quite possibly the biggest hopeless romantic! This is one of those trilogies where I'm putting off reading the next book because I don't want it to end!

And finally... I couldn't talk to you about my favourite books of the summer without giving Lauren James' latest short story an honourable mention! Following Clove and Ella from The Last Beginning, it was just the best and cutest extra installment I could have ever wanted!

Let me know what your favourite books of the summer were in the comments below!

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