Wednesday, 2 August 2017

#110 July reading wrap up

Oh wow, it's been about 2 months since I did a reading wrap up...oops! Hopefully, this July reading wrap up will make up for it!

If Birds Fly Back, Carlie Sorosiak ★★★★★

This book went all the way to Sardinia and back with me and I adored it! The book follows a dual narrative between Linny and Sebastian and I just fell in love with them! Both characters have their own struggles but really come together and help each other out! One thing I loved was how If Birds Fly Back reads like a rom-com film if that makes any sense! I had the pleasure of meeting Carlie and it's always great when you get to hear authors talking about their books!

Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna Kendrick ★★★★★

I read this in a day! Just sat on the beach with a funny book was bliss! I love a good chatty autobiography and Anna Kendrick did not disappoint! I loved hearing all about her time on stage and her transition to film and all the bits in between! Would definitely recommend you pick this up, even if you're not familiar with her work (I've only seen Into the Woods, the Pitch Perfect films and Trolls)!

Love & Gelato,  Jenna Evans Welch ★★★★★

You may remember how I mentioned in my holiday TBR (which you can find here) that I'd saved this book especially for my holiday and it did not disappoint! I got swept up into the mystery and romance that was practically jumping off the page and I fully rooted for a lot of characters! Such a wonderful read that I urge you all to pick up!

The Pearl Thief, Elizabeth Wein  ★★★★☆

This is the book I've been raving about to practically anyone who will listen! Set in 1930s Scotland, The Pearl Thief is a prequel to Elizabeth's 2012 release Code Name Verity! Following Julie and her last summer at her late grandfather's house, The Pearl Thief is full of mystery that pulls you in! I loved both Julie and Ellen and one thing I adored about this book is how we saw Julie exploring her sexuality, something you don't really expect to see in a book set in pre-war time Britain! If you love a good murder mystery, characters that aren't the best people but ya love em anyway and dogs, The Pearl Thief is a must read!

Literally, Lucy Keating ★★★★★

Next up is another book I read in a day and absolutely adored! Literally follows Annabelle (AB), who has a pretty good life until she finds out bestselling author Lucy Keating's new heroine is actually her!
This book was nothing like I'd read before, the author herself playing god in the actual novel was such an interesting concept and Lucy executed it so well! If you're looking for a speedy read that kind of makes you think, give this book a go!

Freshers, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison  ★★★★★

I absolutely adored this book! It was so funny and real and definitely captured those super mixed feelings you get when you first start uni! Freshers is actually set in my hometown so it was a mix of wonderful and weird especially when Phoebe mentioned the church where my grandparents got married in! I fell in with Phoebe's character but also the girls in her halls! I had a little bit of a soft spot for Luke as well! This book is a must read!

Another Beginning, Lauren James ★★★★★

Ahh!!!! With it being YALC (young adult literature convention) last weekend which I sadly couldn't attend the lovely people at Walker released three free short stories, one of these was by my absolute fave Lauren James! Another Beginning follows on from The Last Beginning and we see Clove and Ella raiding a castle! I adored it and it's such a fast paced read and a perfect edition to the wonderful world Lauren has created through The Next Together and The Last Beginning!

Truth or Dare: Sef's Deleted Scene, Non Pratt ★★★★★

Another short story Walker released was a deleted scene from Non Pratt's latest book Truth or Dare! This was a super short addition but I still adored it! Sef is a bit of a mysterious character so it was nice to see a bit more of him!
I adored this just as much as I adored Truth or Dare and I wanted more!

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Jennifer E.Smith ★★★★★

I picked this book up last week when I met Jennifer E.Smith, after reading her latest book Windfall back in April (review here) I've been wanting to read more of her books and this one did not disappoint!
I loved the concept - 17-year-old Hadley misses her plane by 4 minutes and ends up meeting 18-year-old Oliver! Set over 24 hours this was such a fun read and is perfect for summer!

Please let me know what you were reading in July so I can add some new reads to my never-ending TBR!


  1. OMG Ive wanted to read Anna Kendricks book for agggess, I need to get around to that now!

    Jemma x

    1. It's so funny! She's a great writer!
      Vicki x


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