Wednesday, 26 April 2017

#103 Geekerella, a little book review

As some of you know I love Cinderella, she's one of my (many) favourite Disney princesses, so I was so excited for the release of Ashley Poston's Geekerella, I was practically counting down the days until its release!

As soon as I saw this book in my local Waterstones I picked it up straight away but I put off reading it for so long in the fear that it wouldn't be as good as I'd internally hyped it up to be!
But boy was I wrong!
I ended up reading this book in less than a week and I loved it!

photo courtesy of Ashley Poston

Cinderella is Danielle (Elle) lives with her mean step-mother and equally mean step-sisters, both of her parents have died and she is obsessed with a show called Starfield. Elle also runs a blog called RebelGunner and works in a vegan food fan called The Magic Pumpkin. I loved this little detail that nodded at Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, although I would have loved it if Sage (Elle's friend from The Magic Pumpkin) and even if Elle themselves were vegan (they mock veganism a little)
Prince Charming is teenager actor Darien Freeman, set to play the lead character in the film reboot of Elle's favourite show Starfield. 

All these little details and a splash of internet and fan culture all come together to create Geekerella a completely adorable modern day Cinderlla with a sense of You've Got Mail and also Cinderalla Story!
Elle and Darien find themselves constantly texting despite not knowing each other or the fact that they don't actually like each other - hence the You've Got Mail vibes!

When it comes to YA as much as I love the protagonists I also find myself developing a soft spot for secondary characters and this time was no different.
I fell in love with Sage, she's definitely the typical 'best friend you always wanted' with her bright green hair, sass and love of fashion design. Sage kind of fills the role of Cinderella's fairy godmother which could be why I love her so much!
I also loved the relationship that developed between Sage and Calliope (Elle's less evil step-sister), it was all very Cinderella II: Dreams Come True  when Anastasia redeemed herself and fell in love with the baker!

Interet culture was practically bubbling out of the pages, Elle has a blog that goes viral, as does a clip from a TV interview with Darien and one of the step-sister's Chloe is a beauty vlogger. These details, really brought the clasic story up to date and allowed it to resonate with a YA audience!

Perfect for fans of Cinderella, Geekrella is such a cute story that I highly recommend!

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