Wednesday, 15 March 2017

#98 Windfall, a little book review*

What would you do if you gave your best friend a lottery ticket and they won?

I received this book from MyKindaBook for free, however, this does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
I really enjoyed Jennifer E.Smith's Windfall both the story, families and main characters felt very real (despite the lottery win)

When Alice gives Teddy a lottery ticket for his 18th birthday she doesn't think much of it, that is until he wins the jackpot!
The story follows how Alice, her cousin Leo, and Teddy cope after the win.

I mostly loved how real Alice felt! 
Although she seemed to be this perfect character as I kept reading and learnt more about her I came to realise she was just your normal teenage girl struggling with relationships and her future!

I loved how Teddy was portrayed as well he wasn't a Hollywood looking boy he was completely ordinary "He has ordinary brown hair that's cut in a completely ordinary way. His ears are normal sized, and his eyes are plain brown, and his nose is unremarkable. but somehow, taken as a whole he is beautiful."

Teddy also definitely had one of the best character developments that I've seen in a long time and I'm   

And can we just look at that cover!!! I can't stop guSHING over how gorgeous it is, I think I spent more time looking at it than actually reading it!

Windfall by Jennifer E.Smith is out on 4th May 2017 (oh hey Star Wars day) and you can preorder it here!
Paperback -
Hardback -

Thanks again to MyKindaBook for sending me this gorgeous book!

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  1. It sounds interesting! Though I would have read it just by looking at that pretty cover :3!


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