Wednesday, 8 March 2017

#97 February reading wrap

I read SO much last month so you might need to grab yourself a cuppa!

Unconventional, Maggie Harcourt ★★★★★
I loved this book! I posted a review on it (x)and I also included it in my February favourites (x)
For me, Unconventional was one of those books where you fall in love with both the main characters but also the side and minor characters (I especially loved Lexi's best friend Sam)

A Quiet Kind of Thunder, Sara Barnard  ★★★★☆
I really enjoyed this book, it tells the story of Steffi, a teenager with selective mutism, and Rhys, a teenager who is deaf.
A bit like Unconventional the romance in A Quiet Kind of Thunder was slow burning and I loved how both Steffi and Rhys were so nervous about telling each other how they felt (it felt so much more real!)

I laughed and I cried at this book so I definitely recommend it!

Tiger Lily, Jodi Lynn Anderson ★★★★☆
It took me a little while to get into this book but on a whole I loved it!
The books tell the story of how Tiger Lily and Peter Pan met, before Wendy, John and Michael arrived in Neverland.
I think what I loved the most about this book was how it was narrated by Tinkerbell which in a way made it feel like a third person narrative but was actually the first person - which was so interesting!

Margot & Me, Juno Dawson ★★★★★
Another book I loved! Margot & Me is set in the 90s and tells the story of Fliss who has to leave her life in London to move to Wales to live with her ill mum and the grandma she doesn't get along with, but when Fliss discovers her grandma's diary everything changes!
A heartwarming story full of family and friendship as well as tears and laughter!

When Everything Feels Like the Movies, Raziel Reid ★★★☆☆
I really didn't enjoy this book, although I did read it in one sitting (it was only 163 pages).
It tells the true story of a teenager who was shot by a classmate in 2008 when he asked him out on a date to a school dance. The story itself is utterly heartbreaking but there was something about it that I really didn't enjoy. I think it was a mix of the writing and language as well as the characters themselves, I really didn't like any of them!

Unboxed, Non Pratt ★★★★☆
This was another quick read with just 140 pages but I loved this book!
It was about a group of old friends who'd put together a memory box/time capsule when they were 13 and now aged 18 they meet up again minus one person.
This story was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time and I want more!

Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon ★★★★☆
I bought this not long after seeing the trailer for the film and I loved it and it was better than I expected (I'm not the biggest fan of the typical girl meets boy we see most of the time in YA)
Full of adventure, first love and family drama I would definitely recommend this book! I especially loved this design, as it used emails, post-it notes and even poetry to add a bit more depth to the story!

The Art of Being Normal, Lisa Williamson ★★★★☆
I finally got round to buying this book when I attended a YA book event at Waterstones Deansgate. I started reading it on the train home I'd finished it about two days later and I loved it! The story is split into a dual narrative with David and Leo - "David longs to be a girl. Leo wants to be invisible." 
The books has been praised for a how it talks about transgender issues and although Lisa is not transgender she was inspired to write The Art of Being Normal when she was working at the Gender Identity Development Service

Lisa's writing styles just comes across so naturally and the way she wrote about David and Leo was so respectful and I just loved it!
This is one of those books that you just want everyone to read - so please do pick it up if you get the chance!

What have you been reading the past month? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This made me want to read Tiger Lily! Such a good post x


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