Wednesday, 1 February 2017

#91 Maresi, a little book review

This book has popped up before here on Vicki in Neverland, if you remember from my Waterstones haul (x) I originally bought it because my friend Lucy was quoted on the front, but after reading the blurb I couldn’t wait to start reading it.

Maresi takes place at the Red Abbey, “a haven from abuse and oppression” where only women are allowed. The book follows the story of thirteen-year-old Maresi and the sudden arrival of Jai and straight away we start to learn of the troubled pasts of the two new friends and life at the abbey.

As much as I really enjoyed the story and learning about this wonderful place I really did find the first hundred pages or so to be really quite slow. Nothing much was happening and the pace just seemed to be following a steady line. However, once I’d gotten past this point the pace picked right up and I was hooked!

I found myself wanting to protect each and every girl and I was so intrigued by what kept pulling Maresi.
I ended up finishing the book in one sitting and after I’d finished I just sat in bed just processing what had happened, I really felt like I’d been thrown right into the story!

This really is a story about females supporting other females, something which is so needed, especially with current world events.
Add a splash of magic and sense of danger and you’re pulled right into the world of the Red Abbey!

I am so excited for the second book in the series and I’ll be sure to start counting down the days until its release!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training 

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  1. Wow, this book sounds so intriguing, Vicki! I also get quite impatient with books that have such a slow start like this one, but I'm so glad you persevered because it sounds like it ended up being a fantastic story! I hadn't heard of this book before but now I really want to pick it up from my local Waterstones!

    Abbey 😘


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