Wednesday, 25 January 2017

#90 January favourites

My first ever monthly favourites post was published on the 3rd January 2016 and I somehow managed to get one up every month of 2016, so let's see if I can do the same this year!

I've been loving the Missguided too legit contour kit which I picked up for just £8 in Boots over Christmas and it's such a versatile palette that I've been reaching for every day.

The pigment isn't the best but I've been loving creating a peachy smokey eye as well as adding that extra bit of depth to my contour.


I've been loving using the shades ballin', dazed and peachy for the most gorgeous pop of colour on my cheeks!

Wing Jones by Katherine Webber has definitely been my favourite book of the month and I still can't stop thinking about this good it was just so good!
So much so that I'm tempted to do a reread at some point in the year!
For my full review be sure to click here!

I ended up rewatching Gossip Girl because I just love that show so much!
I also watched the new Netflix sitcom One Day at a Time in about a day? Maybe a day and a half!

It has the perfect combination of humour and serious moments and has a lovely coming out story, tackles immigration and also depression and PTSD! All with a lovely Latina family!
It's a must watch!

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I've now seen La La Land twice and I've loved it both times!
From the gorgeous palette to the diversity, to the music to the story itself, it's one of those films I fell in love with instantly!

gif via

Since I saw the film the first time round I've had the La La Land soundtrack on repeat and I've found myself dancing around the house constantly!

I feel like I've had no favourites this month but it's just gone so fast! I'm going to have to start jotting down what I've been enjoying from now on!

Vicki x

Disney princess in training 

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