Wednesday, 21 December 2016

#84 Top ten books of 2016

With 2017 just over a week away (yes finally!) I thought now would be the perfect time to share my top ten books of 2016!
The list is going to be in order of when I read them not most to least favourite (because I can't choose and I'd be here for weeks)

1)The Next Together, Lauren James ★★★★★
Let's be real you all saw this coming seeing as I NEVER SHUT UP about this book! If you like romance, sci-fi and adventure you're going to love this! (P.S Lauren if you're reading this we gotta meet for coffee in the New Year)

2) Brooklyn, Colm Tรณibรญn - ★★★★☆
I remember being utterly in love with this book when I read it back in April! It's about a girl who moves from Ireland to Brooklyn in the 50s, it sounds kind of boring when put like that but I really fell in love with the story and I loved the film adaption too!

3)What's a Girl Gotta Do, Holly Bourne ★★★★★
Ah, the third book in the Spinster Club trilogy and the book that started my love for Holly Bourne! What's a Girl Gotta Do is one of those books I think everyone should read - it's about friendship, school pressure and relationships with a whole load of feminism so it's a perfect YA novel! 
4)How Hard Can Love Be? Holly Bourne ★★★★★
Another one of Holly's books! This is the second book in the Spinster Club trilogy and I ended up reading this like a day after I finished WAGGD, I was that hooked!
I really loved Amber's story and it was an interesting to see a British perspective on America - it's usually the other way round!
5)Am I Normal Yet? Holly Bourne ★★★★☆
This is the first book in the trilogy and as much as I loved the book and Evie's story it didn't hook me quite as much as the other two, but I'd recommend Holly's books to anyone and yes I read the trilogy backwards without realising.

6)Radio Silence, Alice Oseman ★★★★★
This was the first book of Alice's I read and I absolutely loved it! 
This book had me hooked from day one and I still rave about how much I love this book and the representation in it!

7)The Last Beginning, Lauren James ★★★★★
The sequel to The Next Together! I absolutely adored this book and I still can't believe that I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy! This book was everything I wanted it to be and more and it was just so cleverly linked and intertwined with TNT!

8)We Were Liars, E. Lockhart ★★★★★
This book was nothing quite like I expected which is why I think I loved it so much! I loved the writing style and how it felt like every word had been picked and added accordingly without it being too heavy on words or description! I'm definitely going to be looking into more of E. Lockhart's work in the New Year!

9)Girl Up, Laura Bates ★★★★☆
Just like What's A Girl Gotta Do, this is one of those books I want everyone to read! The way Laura talks about feminism is so informative whilst being funny and witty at the same time! Although I found it a little tough to read at some points I found myself whizzing through it!

10)Where Am I Now, Mara Wilson ★★★★★
And finally, number 10 is Mara Wilson's Where Am I Now, I loved this book and all its funny little anecdotes! It was really interesting seeing how Mara grew up in Hollywood and I loved the stories about Matilda and I cried at the chapter/essay all about Robin Williams!

And that's it! It was so hard trying to pick just ten books but I managed in the end! Let me know what you're top ten books of the year are so I can add them to my never-ending TBR!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training ♛


  1. Absolutely love your photos, looks like you worked super hard on them! I am so glad that you enjoyed Brooklyn so much, I am desperate to read it after watching the film as I adored the movie! Thanks for sharing your recommendations, I'll definitely be adding these to my TBR list!

    Abbey ๐ŸŒธ

  2. Where Am I Now is definitely on my to-read list for next year! I read one of the chapters in a magazine and she has such a great writing style and I feel like she really tells it like it is, you know?

  3. I have nothing but respect for you for managing to pick just ten books for the entire year! I think I'll give a few of these a try in 2017 :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  4. Very different reads than I normally pick up but a few sound interesting. I'm glad you pulled this list together and also that you're a reader because I feel far too many people aren't anymore.

    S .x

  5. Such a great post I'll deffinetly be adding some of these books to my must read list for 2017 - ๐Ÿ’–


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