Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#80 The Blind Date Book Company

Hello lovelies, a couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through instagram when I stumbled upon The Blind Date Book Company, a little shop on etsy that sells books the catch being you don't know what book you're going to get!

I decided to go for the "choose a genre" option which cost £7.99.
I was predictable and went for YA and you also got to pick a hot drink to accompany you with your new book!
I was so torn between the Galaxy hot chocolate and the mulled wine spice bag but ended up picking the hot chocolate which arrived with a little bag of mini marshmallows (which I can't eat because I'm a vegetarian but I'll be sure to make my sister a hot chocolate with them).
I also received two little chocolate coins - Christmas is definitely just around the corner!

The only clues to your new book is from the four words printed on the packaging - for my book I had survival, chilling, fantasy and love. You also receive a letter which explains the whole concept to you which is such a lovely touch!

So you're probably wondering what book I received so drum roll please....

The Girl With All the Gift, M.R. Carey
This is a book I've never actually heard of which is great! I'm so intrigued by this book and after reading Girl On the Train I've been wanting to delve into some more thrillers! I'll definitely be letting you all know how I get on!

I honestly love the whole concept of this company and with this Christmas quickly approaching I think these blind date books would make great Christmas or birthday presents for any bookworms in your life!

The Blind Date Book Company also offers preloved books and gift boxes and can be found be here!

Let me know if you're planning on having a blind date with a book!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training ♛

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