Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#76 (A late) October reading wrap

Hello lovelies, the start of November is always so busy due it being my birthday so apologies for this late October reading wrap up! Just like in September I didn't read that many books but some of the ones I did really got me thinking!

Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins - ★★★★☆
At the very start of October I finished Girl on the Train, my thoughts are still the same as they were when I was reading it in September and nope I still haven't seen the film.

The Manifesto on How to be Interesting, Holly Bourne ★★★★★
Holly secured a firm place in my top authors list back in August when I read What's A Girl Gotta Do (x) so this book wasn't a disappoint! I was so fully invested in Bree's life I found myself reading this instead of talking to my friends ...oops!

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Truman Capote ★★★★☆
So I'm still not sure how I felt about this book, I enjoyed don't get me wrong but parts of it (especially the language) made me slightly uncomfortable but I can put that down to the time period (1958)
I also got confused by the short stories at the end which for ages I thought were apart of the story, but that was me just being blonde!

We Were Liars, E.Lockhart ★★★★★
And last but not least by favourite book of the month! Just like Girl on the Train this book was such a page turner and I loved the style and structure of the whole book.
I just wanted to know more about what was happening and I think having a protagonist who also doesn't really know what's happening really helped as well!

What have you been reading recently, let me know in the comments!

Vicki x
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