Saturday, 29 October 2016

#74 Merry Lushmas

Hello, lovelies and welcome to part 2 (click here for part 1) of my Lush haul today I'm showing you the bits I picked up from the Christmas collection!

Shoot for the Stars - £4.25
Appearance wise Shoot for the Stars as had a bit of a makeover it's a now a more vibrant blue and the shooting star has been replaced with various sparkly gold stars so it's still just as pretty! This bath bomb is packed with cocoa butter and coconut cream so is super moisturising!

Golden Wonder- £4.25
Golden Wonder is definitely one of my favourites from the Christmas collection, it smells so good thanks to the  orange and lime oil and once popped into the bath turns you water a gorgeous turquoise/teal colour!

Luxury Lush Pud - £4.25
Another one of my favourites it smells of pudding and lavender so what more could you want? It's also so pretty when in the bath thanks to all the pinks, blues, yellows, oranges and greens!

So White - £3.75
Another bath bomb that's had a makeover! It now sports a little green leaf making it lot more interesting to look at and instead of turning your bath water pink it now turns a lime green colour. I love the crisp apple scent of this bath bomb and the Disney inspired name!

Let me know if you've picked up anything from the Lushmas collection!

Vicki x

Disney princess in training

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  1. Oh my gosh I can't wait to pop into Lush this Christmas to buy some goodies! I've got my eye on quite a few of the products from the Christmas range :) x


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