Wednesday, 26 October 2016

#73 Happy Lushoween

Hello lovelies, with Halloween just five days away I thought I'd share with you my mini Lush Halloween haul!
I picked up a few things from both the Halloween and Christmas collections so keep your eyes peeled for a Lushmas haul later in the week!

Autumn Leaf - £3.75
This is one of my favourites from the collection and was the first one I tried and have since repurchased (because I love it and I was too impatient to wait until I took photos)
This bath bomb changes colour as it fizzes in your bath so the pastel greens, yellows and reds remind me of the changing of the seasons! With neroli oil and japanese maple sap this bath bomb smells incredible!

Pumpkin - £3.95
Said to smell of pumpkin pie (I'm gonna take their word for it having never had pumpkin pie) this is possibly one of the cutest bath bombs in the collection. Looking like your typical carved pumpkin and basically summing up everyone's perfect idea of autumn and Halloween this bath bomb is a must!

Monsters' Ball - £4.25
Okay this is maybe the cutest and also one of the prettiest once it's fizzed making your bath blue pink and purple! Like Autumn Leaf this one is packed with neroli oil as well as cocoa butter so your skin feels incredible!

Lord of Misrule - £3.95
Okay so I've left the best until last because this is my favourite bath bomb from the collection and one of my favourites in general! Despite the outside being green once it's popped into your bath it slowly reveals a gorgeous pinky red colour which I love! Another thing I love is the sound it makes because of the popping candy it reminds me of a crackling fire!

Let me know if you've picked up anything from the Lushoween collection!

Vicki x

Disney princess in training

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