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#68 About Alice Oseman

Hello lovelies, since featuring Radio Silence by Alice Oseman in my August Reading wrap up (x) I have also read Alice's debut novel Solitaire so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do an author spotlight mostly just because I love Alice!

I discovered Alice Oseman through Lauren James (click here for my post on her novel The Next Together) and I was following her online for ages before finally getting my hands on her books!

Radio Silence Alice Oseman - ★★★★★
This book has definitely earnt a place on my shelf of favourite books and I can't stop thinking about just how good it is!
Radio Silence follows the story of mixed race and bisexual Frances who is described as "a study machine" as she believes getting into Cambridge is what will make her happy.

As I said in the reading wrap up one of my favourites things in the novel was Frances' relationship with Aled as it was completely platonic and one of those friendships we've all craved at one point or another!

I was honestly gripped from page one and really did struggle to put it down!
Not only is it a great piece of writing with a really interesting storyline Radio Silence had so much diversity!

As I mentioned earlier Frances is not only mixed race but also bisexual which I've never actually come across in YA before! Radio Silence also features characters from across the LGBTQIA+ community with not just gay and bisexual characters but also exploring asexuality and demisexuality without making a big deal out of it or treating the sexualities as invalid or abnormal something which is so incredibly important for a YA audience!

As well as LQBTQIA+ representation there is also the representation of race with white characters being a minority - which is unfortunately pretty uncommon within not just YA but in literature in general.

Alice also focuses on the very real pressures of college and university which made the novel really come to life as it was so relatable.

Solitaire Alice Oseman - ★★★★
This book has been named 'The Catcher in the Rye for the Digital Age' by The Times! Solitaire revolves around Tori Spring an English lit student who hates reading. 

The character of Tori felt so real as she is 100% your stereotypical teenager and her personality isn't sugarcoated or made to be all cute and quirky she is simply just a very real teenage girl with real problems and it was so refreshing to discover a character like this!

Like Radio Silence the representation in this novel was key this time round focusing on mental health and the LQBTQUIA+ community.
I don't think I've ever read a book that perfectly captures the reality of what being a teenager is like with all its ups and downs with family, school, friends etc. mixed with the suspension produced by the anonymous online pranksters who go by the name 'Solitaire'
Although I preferred Radio Silence I still really enjoyed Solitaire what with all its twists and turns and the 'will they won't they' kind of aspect with Tori and her new friend Michael.

I'm so excited to see what else Alice releases and I'm desperate to read her novella Nick and Charlie which is all about Tori's brother Charlie and his boyfriend Nick!

Thank you for reading and sorry if blog posts aren't quite as frequent I just started my third year at uni argh!

Vicki x

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  1. These sounds like really interesting books, don't think I've read a book which involve either topics mentioned. Would love to have a read. Thanks for sharing!



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