Wednesday, 6 July 2016

#57 June favourites

Hello, lovelies this year is going so  fast and I don't like it!

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Trying to think of these favourites was really hard! There honestly isn't a lot of things I've been loving recently mostly because I'm trying to watch my spending but I'm trying to make my monthly favourites posts well monthly!


First up is makeup and there are three products I've been loving this month!
First up is the Fortune Favours the Brave palette by Makeup Revolution, I've had my eyes on this gorgeous palette for ages and having seen more and more blog posts and videos on it I caved and bought myself one.However, this is actually my second palette I left the first one I bought on a was a very busy train and getting off was a bit of a nightmare and I didn't realise I was sans Superdrug bag until I got to the hotel!
The colours in this are to die for  and they're so easy to blend, I especially love the pink and copper shades.

I've also been loving Seventeen's Skin WOW! concealer which I featured in last week's post (x)! I've been using it under my eyes and also as a highlighter!

The final makeup item is the NYX wonder stick as it just makes contouring 10x easier - look out for a longer review in the next few weeks or so!

If you read my favourite book post(you can find it here (x) you may know that Lauren James released her novella 'Another Together' at the start of the month and I loved it! I read it in like half an hour and it's free to download for your kindle or ebook!

                                                     Not my own image - source (x)

I've been obsessed with making vegan pancakes! They're so easy to make and so delicious! I've been using my friend Sophie's recipe which you can find on her blog (x)!

Being off from uni and having a lot more free time I've found myself watching way more youtube than normal! Throughout June, I was loving Jess Beautician's vegan June videos (x) - everything just looked so good!

Towards the end of May I started watching Gossip Girl and finished it last weekend, I was hooked! 
Someone take me to new york so that I can unleash my inner Blair Waldorf!

Not my own gif - source (x)

You know you love me XOXO Gossip Girl

Vicki x
Disney princess in training


  1. I'm not big on make up but really want to try the NYX wonder stick! When it first came to London, I was driven away by the amount of people surrounding it so I gave it a miss haha

    FOOD yes! Have never attempted to try something vegan but that looks so good and why not, will definitely give it a go!

    Love love reading books, will look into this one! May I suggest The Girl on The Train if you haven't read it already! And wow you read fast!

    This was lovely, thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you Jessica! The Girl on the Train is actually part of my never ending to read list!

      Vicki x

  2. I've recently become such a fan of NYX now it's a available at boots, I haven't tried hat product but it is on my Wishlist.

    Last month me and my boyfriend also binged watched all of gossip girl because he hasn't seen it before! It's still as great as I remember it was. I wish I was in New York to shop like Blair too x

  3. I loved this post! I'm so so glad you mentioned the Makeup Revolution palette - I've been meaning to try 1 or 2 of these out for ages and haven't got round to it, you've given me the push I needed to invest in 1 tomorrow! Also I'm dead jealous you managed to get your hands on the Seventeen concealer, it's always sold out when I look for it:(!


    1. I just did a click and collect to get it! Just keep refreshing the boots site haha

      Vicki x


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