Wednesday, 25 May 2016

#49 Koko K

Hello, lovelies! On the 9th May I ordered my first Kylie Jenner lip kit - yes I finally decided to just go for it!

The process of getting my lip kit was slightly stressful I'm not gonna lie, I'd been refreshing the page for a good few minutes waiting to get onto the site and when I was on with my lip kit in my cart, I was then in a queue - which thankfully was nothing compared to a Lush Christmas sale queue!

I also received shipping confirmation the day after I ordered it which was amazing and received my lip kit one week later (and with no customs charges yaaaaass)!

I was so impressed with how quickly my lip kit arrived especially as I was told processing my order would take 3-5 days (it took 1 day) and that the shipping would take 10-15 days (it took 7 days)!

I ended up getting Koko K after struggling between to choose between that, Candy K and Dolce K.
The liner is so gorgeous and so creamy, the colour is very much my own lip colour but better (is that the saying???) and the liquid lipstick is so easy to apply and smells so good! I love the colour because it's such a wearable pinky nude - perfect for someone like me who I can't pull off a true nude lip!

Unlike other liquid lipsticks I've tried this one does not budge, even if you've been eating or drinking! Perfect if you're too lazy or don't care to reapply lipstick throughout the day! 
Although it is drying I think with it being a liquid lipstick it just comes with the territory, I always make sure my lips are well moisturised before applying!

Overall I do think the lip kit was worth the 
money ($29.99 just over £20) as you do get a lip liner and a liquid lipstick.

Koko K had cemented itself as my everyday lipstick!

Vicki x

Disney princess in training

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