Saturday, 12 March 2016

#42 Tea and a chat | number 2 |

Go grab a cuppa, it's time for a chat!

It's the second post in my Tea and a Chat series and today we're going to talk about feminism!

As it was International Woman's Day on Tuesday (8th March) and it's had a lot of attention, both good and bad unfortunately and it's made me want to talk about feminism which I've done before on this blog when I first started!

Now I don't want to get too heavy about this it's only tea and a chat but here are some of my thoughts and musings and little questions/statements on feminism and being a woman...

  • Cat calling is not a compliment, it makes me feel uncomfortable and terrified
  • Just because a woman takes and/or tweets nude photos of herself does not mean she's asking for it, or that's she's a bad role model or that she doesn't respect herself
  • What a woman does with her own body is her choice - not yours
  • Internalised misogyny is terrifying
  • "Boys/men get raped" should be its own sentence
  • If you believe in equality for ALL genders, then you're a feminist
  • If someone identifies as a woman - they ARE a woman
  • Yes women earn 78p to the £1 a man earns, but black, hispanic and asian men and women get even less that measly 78p
  • If you call yourself a feminist and constantly tweet #FreeTheNipple but got angry when Kim K tweeted a nude selfie...sweetie you ain't a feminist
  • If a woman doesn't want kids, cool
  • If a woman does want kids, cool
  • "I prefer girls who..." "Boys don't like it when..." "I like it when a girl does this..." nope, you do you and we'll do the same
  • When we say "men are so annoying"I hate men" etc. we don't necessarily mean all men
  • You scream "Not all men" but all women are bad drivers, high maintenance, needy, emotional, weak. That ain't okay
  • Why are former male Disney/child actors pose nude/topless it's accepted and celebrated but if a female does it it's "tacky and distasteful"
  • Our clothes, how we talk or what we had to drink does not mean "we're asking for it" or that we consent
  • Consent is vital no matter the gender

And with that, I hope you enjoy your day

Vicki x
Disney princess in training ♛

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  1. Loved this post and you're right, internalised misogyny is the worst. I've only really started to notice it over the past three years but now whenever I start to judge a woman I quickly remind myself that she can do whatever the hell she wants as long as it doesn't hurt anyone xx


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