Saturday, 23 January 2016

#36 My first ever Birchbox!

I'll raise my hands up and say that I'm very new to the whole beauty box thing so on Monday after doing a little bit of research I decided to go for the Birchbox beauty box and it arrived yesterday - a lot soon than I'd expected!

 *Disclaimer - since writing this post I have gone cruelty-free with my makeup and skincare and no longer use some of these products*

Birchbox costs just £10 an amazing price for the products you receive or you can pay £30 for a three month subscription, £60 for six months or £100 for a yearly subscription!
As this is my first box and because I'm a student I decided just to go for the single box costing just £10.

For the January box Birchbox teamed up with Pinterest and the result was a very cute box (which I'll definitely be keeping) and five adorable beauty themed postcards, which if you've been reading my blog for a while now you'll know I'm a sucker for!

In total you get five beauty products including makeup, skincare and haircare as well as a bonus item (the sweet little #NoFilter pocket mirror) and everything comes in this handy little drawstring bag!

RITUALS T'ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel, RRP £8.50
this shower gel smells so good,  I'm so excited to try it!

BEAUTY PROTECTORProtect & Detangle, rrp £14
perfect for us lazy people, this leave in mist conditions, detangles and minimises frizz as well as protecting your hair colour and adds shine!

ABSOLUTIONL'eau Soir et Matin, RRP £27
first off apologies for the terrible photo, I was working with bad lighting! But this is a makeup remover and a pre-cleansing toner which I'm probably going to save for pamper nights!

BENEFITThey're Real Tinted Primer, RRP £19.50
I'm so excited to try this as I've been loving Benefit at the moment!

EYEKO - Fat Liner, RRP $16
I'm a massive eyeliner lover so I'm very excited to give this one a go!

#NoFilter Birchbox pocket mirror - bonus item

I'm so impressed with both how quickly the delivery was and the range of products I received, I think this is most likely something I'll be buying occasionally when I feel like treating myself!

Have you ever purchased a beauty box? If so which one/s?

Vicki x
Disney princess in training ♛

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