Wednesday, 27 January 2016

#37 The 30 Disney Questions in 5 Minutes Tag

After seeing one of my favourite bloggers Amy from Cocktails in Teacups doing this tag I just knew I wanted to feature it on my blog too, so here is the 30 Disney Questions in 5 Minutes Tag, lets see if I can do it in 5 minutes!

1) Favourite character
This is honestly such a tough one but because Ive loved these two for as long as I can remember I'm going to go with Stitch and Tinker Bell

2) Favourite princess
Again, another tough one but it's definitely a tie between, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Tiana and Jasmine

3) Favourite heroine
Rey from The Force Awakens (Disney own Star Wars now okay!)

4) Favourite prince
Aladdin for sure

5) Favourite hero
This is so hard um, maybe Hercules (you mean HUNKules)

6) Favourite animal
Gus from Cinderella

7) Favourite sidekick
BB-8 from The Force Awakens or Baymax (is he a sidekick I don't know)

8) Favourite villain
Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens

9) Favourite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, etc.)
Donald Duck

10) Favourite love song
I See the Light from Tangled

11) Favourite song
I love them all! Argh, maybe For the First Time in Forever from Frozen

12) Favourite villain song
Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid

13) Least favourite song
I've gone for this one because I can't listen to it without busting into tears and that's Jessie's Song from Toy Story 2

14) Favourite kiss
In Princess in the Frog after Tiana and Naveen get married and realise they're human again and also Han Solo and Leia's first kiss

15) The first movie you saw
I honestly have no idea, I'm going to go with maybe Beauty and the Beast only because Belle is my mum's favourite princess

16) Favourite classic
Cinderella and Peter Pan

17) Song that always gets stuck in your head
Seeing as I have a little sister it tends to be a song from Disney Junior or When Will my Life Begin from Tangled 

18) Favourite Pixar film
Brave or Inside Out

19) Least favourite Pixar film
Cars and Planes even though I haven't seen either of the Planes films (to be fair, I like to pretend they don't exist)

20) Favourite sequel 
My guilty pleasure films are The Little Mermaid 2 and Return to Neverland

21) Overrated movie
As much as I love it, definitely Frozen

22) Underrated movie
Enchanted!! I love that movie so much!

23) Movie that makes you laugh
Pretty much all of them

24) Movie that makes you cry
Again, pretty much all of them

25) The saddest scene from your favourite movie
When Stitch leaves Lilo with her copy of The Ugly Duckling

26) Saddest death
Bambi's mum and...
here: when Baymax "dies" in Big Hero 6, when Bing Bong dies in Inside Out and Cinderella's parents in the 2015 remake

27) Favourite quotes
"Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic." from the Cinderella (2015) and "I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess" from Princess and the Frog

28) Favourite theme park
I've only been to Disneyland Paris

29) Favourite theme attraction
I'm not a fan of roller coasters at all so I'm gonna be a wimp and confess my love for the Dumbo and Aladdin rides at DLP

30) Favourite theme park show
I watch Dream Along with Mickey religiously on Youtube, one day I will see it in person!

So that took me an extra 10 minutes to do, oops! But feel free to do this tag as well!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training ♛

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