Wednesday, 4 November 2015

#24 Happy birthday to me

I'm no longer a teenager????? What? 
Yesterday I turned 20 (or twen-teen) as one of the lovely ladies at the Disney store yesterday!

After an early start and a mad rush me and Emily arrived at the Disney store at 8.30 and to our surprise (with it being tsum tsum Tuesday) we were the first ones there meaning I got to the open the store!! Something I'd wanted to do for so long!

As well as being able to open the store, Emily had said it was my birthday so the lovely staff put my name up on the big screen and gave me a birthday card and badge along with the miniature version of the Disney store key which you get when you open the store!

After that we then headed the station ready for a shopping trip in Harrogate, it was such a lovely day and I'm really happy with my purchases (even if I did maybe spend a little too much money)

My mum made the best birthday cake - lemon cake with marshmallow fondant !!

We spent a good few hours in Harrogate before heading back to my house to carry on binge watching Awkward and get ready for my family meal (plus Emily) at Ask Italian - the food is amazing there I highly recommend it!!

I honestly had such a wonderful day and I'm very thankful and looking excited my birthday 2.0 with Laurel this weekend!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training ♛

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