Saturday, 4 July 2015

#11 A month in instagram photos

For this post I was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Amy and her monthly post featuring a selection of her instagram photos!

Emily and Harriet's prom/ Disney store mirror selfie/
spontaneous carousel ride/ yet again another Disney store mirror selfie/
fake names at Starbucks/ Disney x Vans

Highlights of June...

I think one of the main highlights was my trip to Harrogate with Emily and Jonna and the pure (I'm apologise in advance for this phrase) YOLO moment of riding the carousel with Emily!

Some things I've been loving...

I've honestly been loving my Little Mermaid shoes as I've worn them everyday since I got them, being able to eat a load of ice lollies, being able to play outside with my sister and rediscovering music I lowkey loved years ago!

My favourite purchase...
Again my Little Mermaid vans and my Ted Baker makeup bag!

Biggest regret/s...
Taking my bad moods out on the people closest to me and excluding people who care about me.

Next month I'm looking forward to...
Getting my braces off on the 20th and finally being able to eat all the foods I've missed and MCM comic con in Manchester on the 25th July! Oh and the Lilo and Stitch tsum tsum collection!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training 

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