Wednesday, 31 December 2014

#4 2014 in photos

Inspired by a friend and new blogger Madi (peachykeencupcake) for the first blog post of today I’ve decided to show you my year in photos, more specifically my favourite photos from each month. Lets’ go!

So this photo is kind of a cheat, I took it on New Year’s Eve 2013 in Edinburgh, but my and family and I celebrated the New Year whilst travelling back home! On this day my parents also got engaged which was super exciting! So here’s a little cheat photo.

Third meet up held by my friend Ellie in Manchester and I got to meet my friend Jordan! It was a fab day and I miss both Ellie and Jordan ridiculous amounts.

It was my sister’s first birthday at the start of March, crazy to think that’s she’s almost two now!
As well as this exciting day I also got to see Fall Out Boy live for the very first time on the 17th and it was the best concert I’ve been to hands down! Fell in love with them 10x more despite not believing it to be possible.

This month brought a few exciting things, another meet up, a load of train journeys and wandering around my local woods. As well as meeting Patty Walters (former youtuber and lead singer of the band As It Is) who is literally one of the nicest people I’ve met

May was a great month! I went to the Upload Tour which was incredible but the best thing, and I’m literally smiling so big right now was meeting my best friend Jonna!!! And I’m seeing her for her birthday this weekend yay!I’m going to cheat again and use a collage for this day BECAUSE I MET MY BEST FRIEND I'M ALLOWED!!

Again like April I did my wandering around my local woods and at the start of the month I met Dodie Clark!!

July meant Comic Con! Best day! This photo is one of my faves from the day also my favourite ever! Comic Con was literally incredible and I really want to go again in 2015!

I went on holiday to the South of France in August and it was so great properly experiencing the country seeing as my past experience was just of a weekend at Disneyland with school. August is also full of cute summery memories and also starting and falling in love with Sailor Moon.

I started university; I discovered my love for Japanese clothing, my love for skorts and fell in love with a local band! A crazy month – the craziest!


The first October in years that wasn’t terrible! I had cute days with Emily, Taylor Swift’s album came out, I fell in love with a coffee shop pretty much opposite my university, I fell in love with autumn all over again and I looked great on Halloween!

My nineteen birthday! A fab day in Harrogate with my best friends, one year of friendship with Jonna, YO! sushi and starbucks date with Emily, university assignments! September, October and November were just crazy!

December! Incredible sunsets, red cup season, shopping, falling in love with Lush’s Christmas range all over again, ACTUAL CHRISTMAS!! Just a cute happy month!

I’m so excited to see what 2014 brings after reliving this year through photos! 

Vicki x

Disney princess in training 

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