Saturday, 1 April 2017

#100 My road to publication, Maria Turtschaninoff - #NAONDEL Blog Tour

I am so excited about this blog post and I'm honestly so honoured to have been asked to be apart of the #NAONDEL Blog Tour!

Maria Turtschaninoff is the author of Maresi and Naondel (released 6th April) and here is her road to publication!

I wrote on my debut novel for I-am-too-ashamed-to-admit-how-many years. It got rejected three times, and I am deeply grateful for each rejection. Especially the last two, for they came with some constructive criticism. The first time I got a hand-written card with a simple “No thank you” and a few lines on why the manuscript didn’t work for them. The second publisher called and gave a few pointers. I hung up and had my first drama queen moment, because I thought that a story was either good or bad, and I had been working on this story for like three summer breaks and couldn’t they see it was awesome? Then I calmed down, looked at the notes they had given me and realized that if I did what they suggested the story would become much better. 
So I rewrote the whole story and resubmitted. This time the editor invited me to come to her office, where she proceeded to tell me why the story still didn’t work. She did so very kindly and constructively, mind you, but nonetheless I was crushed. I had written the whole thing from the top, were these people never happy?! After calming down and looking at the new notes I realized they were right – again. Once more I rewrote everything from the beginning. The final version only shares the names of the protagonists with the first version. Everything else was cut or changed or rewritten. And then the book was accepted.

What I learned from this process was rewriting. I didn’t know how to do it before that. And I am so happy that first version was never published, because then I would have to be ashamed of my first novel, which is a portal fantasy for middle grade readers.

As it is now, I can look at it fondly, and see what I have since learned and what I would do differently, perhaps better, today. But I am still proud of that first little book, which was published in 2007 and is as of yet only out in Swedish.

Make sure you head over to Nazima's blog tomorrow for the next stop on the #NAONDEL Blog tour and make sure to grab a copy when it's released in just five days!


  1. This is such a lovely post! I'm desperate to write and publish my first book but I get so insecure about my own abilities.
    Claire xo

    1. I'm exactly the same! I just submitted my short story that I wrote for my dissertation and I'm so nervous!

      Vicki x

  2. I'm so glad they were able to progress after all the feedback! It must have been so crushing at first but ultimately mistakes make us better people :)

  3. I am *so* glad that she didn't give up :)


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