Saturday, 6 August 2016

#96 Bohemian Chic Minerals

Hello, lovelies if you read my post all about the Sheffield Vegan festival, don't worry you can catch up here, you'll have seen that I picked up some eyeshadows from Bohemian Chic  Minerals!

The owner of Bohemian Chic Minerals (who's name I sadly didn't catch) found that lots of makeup irritated her skin except for some mineral makeup, so after lots of research, she created her own mineral makeup that is 100% cruelty-free! 
Pretty inspiring stuff to be honest!

The brand has so much to offer from skincare to lipstick, foundation, brushes and eye makeup so there is so much to choose from!
At the vegan festival I was instantly drawn to the loose eyeshadows, something I've never really used before so I was really intrigued!

The owner of the brand swatched quite a lot of the shades on my hand both dry and wet to show how pigmented the shadows are! It honestly took so long to decided which to pick up!

I'm a sucker for nude and pink eyeshadows so there's definitely a theme here!

Harmony/Innocent/Morning Coffee
It was £11 for one eyeshadow and considering they're homemade isn't bad, I was told that I could get 2 for the price of 1 - an offer I can never turn down! However was some slight confusion and I'm not sure it was on my end or on her end as I ended up leaving with three eyeshadows for £21 (it should have been £22 but card payment wasn't working and I only had £21 in cash)


I felt slightly pressured to buy all three eyeshadows and I kind of stayed quiet until later on when I was talking to Leanne about it!

I don't feel like this ruined the brand for me, I'll definitely be checking out what else is available on the website, however, I was just left feeling very confused!

Morning Coffee

Pigment wise these eyeshadows are incredible and they last all day! They're slightly difficult to use (and photography) due to the packaging however if you're careful it's pretty easy to get the product onto the lid so you can dip your brush into it - although be prepared for a lot of fall out where you're sat! 


Being new to loose eyeshadows I'm pretty impressed with these but they're just a lil bit too messy haha!

Have you tried mineral makeup or loose eyeshadow?

Vicki x
Disney princess in training


  1. Oh the memories! I'm glad you're enjoying the shadows, I love the colours you got!

    Leanne xx

  2. I'm sorry that you felt pressured into buying the products - that's never good! I've never tried a loose eyeshadow but I'd imagine they'd be fairly messy too haha! Glad to hear that the brand is homemade and cruelty free though, that's always good news!

    Abbey ✨


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