Wednesday, 15 June 2016

#83 £5.99 Benefit dupe?

You may remember how much I was raving about the Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation (if not don't worry click here for the post) back in March but I've now discovered a game-changing dupe!

There's nothing worse than coming to end of an expensive foundation and having that mini-debate with yourself whether or not you should spend £26.50 on a new bottle (that's £1 cheaper than a return ticket to what?)

In the end, I settled on looking for a foundation that "will do for now" until I could bring myself to repurchase my beloved Hello Flawless foundation, then came along the Collection Lasting Perfection.

I've been using this foundation for about a month now but it wasn't until last week I discovered that this was a dupe for the Benefit foundation when I decided to mix the two when I wanted a heavier coverage.

It was then I noticed Benefit's lightest shade, "believe in me" ivory and Collection's second lightest shade* ivory 2 are exactly the same colour - the shade name similarity didn't even occur to me! 
This then led to me realising why I love Collection's foundation so much - it's easy to blend and looks natural on my skin as does the Benefit's foundation the only difference is the price tag - one costs £26.50 the other just £5.99!
*they only had that shade in both my local Boots and Superdrug but I just lighten it with the Body Shop's lightening drops*

Both foundations claim pretty much the same 
thing - oil free, flawless coverage and both have SPF in however Benefit's is slighter higher at SPF 25 (Collection has SPF 20)

I'm pretty sure this is an exact dupe so if you're on the hunt for an affordable (and cruelty-free) drugstore foundation or like me you can't bring yourself to spend nearly £30 on a bottle of foundation then why not head to your nearest Collection counter!

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  1. Ive never tried either of these foundations. But I will definitely be trying to collection one before spending all of that money on the benefit one. X

    1. let me know how you get on with it! x


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