Wednesday, 8 April 2015

#19 A day in the life, 07/04/15

7 AM, the usual morning lineup: Start on the chores and sweep 'til the floor's all clean, polish and wax, do laundry, and mip and shine up. Sweep again, and by then it's like 7:15

How I wish getting up was that simple, yesterday I woke up kind of late because my alarm didn't go off so after dragging myself out of bed and getting ready for the day I was ready to go into town!

Outfit wise 
I opted for a denim skirt, a black pair of tights, a pastel pink bardeux top, my blue raincoat, a pair of heels and my sunglasses which I didn't end up wearing as it was slightly cloudy.

Raincoat - Primark - £18
Denim skirt - New Look - £10 (sale item)
pastel pink bardeux top - Primark - £4
Pom pom socks - Topshop - £3.50
Shoes not pictured but image here - New Look - 
£10 (sale item)

Starbucks actually spelt my name right!!

Vicki x
Disney princess in training 

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