Sunday, 12 April 2015

#20 "I only meant to pick up a few things"

I went into town on Tuesday with the intent of just buying shampoo, conditioner and face wipes, however that didn't go quite to plan...

*Disclaimer - since writing this post I have gone cruelty-free with my makeup and skincare and no longer use some of these products*


So Superdrug was one of the shops I intended to go to and luckily for me the shampoo and conditioner I needed was on offer and so was the Nivea moisturiser!
L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-gloss shampoo - £1.97
L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-gloss Light conditioner - £1.97
Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream - £2.99

I was so happy to find that Boots still had a 3 for 2 across all makeup which was on one hand great because it allowed me to repurchase my eyeliner but also try the nail varnish I've heard good reviews about and also a new pressed powder!
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - £3.99

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner - £5.29

Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder - £3.99

I ended up spending a fiver in Poundland when I only needed a pack of wipes, but where else can you get a pack of 75 wipes for only a pound???? As well as the items pictured I also bought my sister a Tinkerbell colouring book.
Frozen wet wipes - £1
Cinderella detangling and heat protection spray £1
Face cloths - £1
Frozen poster - £1

Disney Store

I'm currently obsessed with Tsums Tsums at the moment and I just couldn't resist getting an Anna and an Alice! I also got an outdoor Minnie Mouse bowling set for my sister which was in the sale!

Alice Tsum Tsum - £3
Anna Tsum Tsum - £3

Vicki x
Disney princess in training 

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