Friday, 26 September 2014

#3 A university student

So the 22nd September 2014 marked my first official day as a university student. I am taking a BA (bachelor of arts) degree in creative writing and media studies (joint honours). On Thursday (25th September) I officially completed my first week!!

As I’m attending York St John’s university and the fact that I was nowhere near ready to move out from my parent’s home I made the decision to study at home and commute (two buses there and back) everyday. 
Although I have missed out on a couple things, especially freshers week, I personally feel happier staying at home.

My timetable is actually pretty good as well which is a definite bonus, apart from maybe Tuesdays (I have a two hour seminar starting at 4pm and finishing at 6pm), grin and bear it right?

I’ve made a few friends, which for me is an achievement, it took me months to find a solid friendship group at college and now I’m moving towards that in just a matter of days.

The next three years are going to be tough, but if I focus I think I’ll manage.

Vicki x
forever dreaming of working for the bbc and crying over fall out boy

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